Yes, It Is Still A Seller’s Market

January 21, 2020

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While it is not uncommon to see lower inventory in December due to the holidays, we had 26% less inventory in December of 2019 than in December of 2018. That is quite a drop and we are hoping that inventory picks up soon, because from a buyer’s perspective, the spring market has already sprung. Agents are actively looking for homes for their buyers with desperation. Our agent forums are full of requests like “Does anyone have anything coming soon?”.

We’ve been saying that it is a seller’s market for the last few years.  And boy is it ever.  Does it mean you can not lift a finger and list your home ‘as-is’ and offers will come flooding in?  Well, no. Does it mean that it could sell quickly and with possible multiple offers? Definitely. But only if you prepare and stage it appropriately.

If you have been going round and round, debating if you should move, it really does help to talk it through with someone (like me) who can provide the pros and cons relating to your specific goals. Having market specific information and insight can be so beneficial in helping you make that decision.

Reach out to me. This is what I love to do. Even if you decide that now is the not the time to sell or move, I will be happy knowing that I was able to be useful and a resource you can turn to.