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FOR RENT: 1 Bentmoor Ct, Sterling

Update: Lease Signed as of August 12, 2033 for $3,150 We received multiple sight-unseen applications for this beautiful home and the owners were excited to sign a lease with the tenants over the weekend. FOR RENT: 1 Bentmoor Court, Sterling, VA 20165 Available Move-In: After August 12,2023. Rent is $3,100/month ...

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Money For First Time Buyers

Virginia Housing (formerly VHDA), has spent the last 50 years making homeownership more affordable.  Here are some of the programs that you can take advantage of as a first time home buyer: DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE GRANT (DPA) This grant provides money to qualifying first time buyers and it does not ...

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Register Your Short Term Renal

Short-term Rentals in Loudoun Don’t shoot the messenger but Loudoun County is now requiring that home owners register if they rent their homes out for 30 days or less (think airbnb). While it will be free to register, there is a penalty for noncompliance of $500 per violation, up to $5,000 ...

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