LOCO Wineries and Breweries

I sat down prepared to do some research and write a blog about all of the wineries and breweries here in our fine county of Loudoun.  But, it already exists and it is fantastic!!!!  Here are a few links to a website created by the Loudoun Convention & Visitors Association.  A ...

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Cell Phone Pictures – Really?

One of my biggest pet peeves about seeing other listings is looking at the photos and discovering that they have been taken by a cell phone.  Yes, the cameras on these devices are pretty amazing. But when you are trying to sell the most expensive thing you own, you need ...

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Free Money For Your Mortgage

I remember when my husband and I just started thinking about buying our first home, many moons ago.  We had no clue where to start and the internet was no where near where it is today. And sadly, there was definitely no HGTV…maybe Trading Spaces. Home buyers today have a ...

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