Downsizing Tips

Is it Time to Downsize?

There are a host of reasons for downsizing to a smaller home. You might want to pocket the savings and build upon your nest egg. Maybe you’re ready for a new adventure and eager to move to a high-rise condo in the city. Or finally—the kids have flown the coop, and you don’t need the extra bedrooms and bathrooms anymore.

One of the biggest signs you’re ready to downsize is unused rooms in your house. Are there rooms you only enter to clean?

If you have a formal dining room, living room, office or an entire basement that is no longer being used, it’s a good time to think about downsizing. Try counting which rooms you use more than twice a week to estimate how much square footage you’re using.

The next step is to analyze if the rooms you use are being fully utilized. Is there extra seating in your family room? Do you have a cabinet in your kitchen that is only opened for a couple select dishes? Does your back closet have coats and shoes from grown and absent children? Do you know what’s in your attic?

Define Your New Space

Figure out what rooms you will actually have in your new home and make a list of the things you will need for that space. This will help you decide what you need to keep and take with you.  Remember, the goal is to simplify! 

Start Early and Start Small

Give yourself time to reminisce and focus on the memories.  This process can can be very emotional. Take phots of things that you may not be taking with you and create a photobook of those items. Set a timer and take breaks. Don’t try to do this all day, every day.

Only Yes or No Piles

This is where the difficult decisions come into play. Do not keep a ‘Maybe pile’ because before you know it, this ‘Maybe’ pile will be bigger than the ‘Yes” pile. If you haven’t used it in over a year, it is probably time to part with it.

You will have feelings of guilt and/or being wasteful. This is normal. But I promise you, when it is all said and done, you will feel lighter and happier without having so much stuff weighing you down.

Plan a Sale

Give your items a second life and plan a good old fashion yard sale to pass on some of your items, with the primary goal of letting it all go.  You will get people that want to haggle over every cent, but don’t let that bother you.  As long as they take it, they leave feeling like they got a great deal and you don’t have to take it back into your home. Then, when the sale is over, have a charity come and pick up everything that didn’t sell.

You can also use the internet (Facebook Marketplace) to sell your items larger furniture items very easily.  There are also companies that will help sell your items online for you for a fee.  Reach out if you would like more information on these options.

Plan for Emotions

You will go through so many emotions as you work through each room.  From sadness and anger to excitement and exhaustion. All of these are completely expected and you need to give yourself some grace as you process everything. Take breaks as you need them and ask for help.  This can be an incredibly stressful process and self care will be essential.

I have lot of resources that can help you. Please reach out if I can help take some of this off of your plate or if you feel stuck and you don’t know where to start. I am here to make it easier!