The Benefits Of Coming Soon Marketing

February 29, 2024

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Marketing a home as “Coming Soon” can offer several benefits for sellers:

Generate Early Interest: By promoting a property as “Coming Soon,” sellers can generate early interest and anticipation among potential buyers before the home officially hits the market. This can create a sense of exclusivity and urgency, leading to increased demand and potentially attracting more qualified buyers.

Build Excitement: Teasing a property as “Coming Soon” can build excitement and anticipation within the local real estate community and among prospective buyers. This anticipation can lead to higher levels of engagement and interest once the home is officially listed for sale.

Gain Feedback: Marketing a home as “Coming Soon” allows sellers and agents to gather valuable feedback from potential buyers and their agents before the home is officially listed. This feedback can help identify areas for improvement, fine-tune marketing strategies, and ensure that the property is positioned effectively in the market.

Secure Early Offers: In competitive real estate markets, promoting a property as “Coming Soon” can attract early offers from motivated buyers who are eager to secure the home before it becomes widely available. These early offers can potentially lead to a faster sale and favorable terms for the seller.

Control Marketing Timeline: Marketing a home as “Coming Soon” gives sellers and agents greater control over the marketing timeline and allows them to strategically plan the launch of the listing for maximum impact. This can help ensure that the property receives maximum exposure and generates strong interest from potential buyers.

Test Price Points: Marketing a home as “Coming Soon” provides an opportunity to gauge interest and test price points before the home is formally listed. Sellers and agents can assess buyer reactions and market dynamics to determine the most effective pricing strategy for the property.

Marketing a home as “Coming Soon” can be an effective strategy for generating interest, building excitement, and potentially expediting the sale process in the competitive real estate market.