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June 6, 2020

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What a year it has been and we are only in June. For many, your plans have been altered in more ways than one and you probably have changed your outlook on a lot of things. But, one thing that hasn’t really changed is real estate.  In our Northern VA market, we saw a temporary slow down, but things are pretty much back to a typical spring market.

If you have been thinking about buying or selling and wondering how this pandemic has changed real estate, here are 2 great guides that I want you to read through. And they are completely free with no strings attached. I am not asking for your name or your email to give you access to these. This is important information that I want you to have and share with your friends and family.  Then, when you are ready to talk about your goals and get professional, but not pushy advice, I will be here.


Seller Guide:

Things To Consider When Selling Your House


Buyer Guide:

Things to Consider When Buying A Home





If you have any questions or need assistance with starting the process, please reach out by phone: 703-434-9027 or email, Or you can fill out my contact form here: Contact Julie.