Developments in Cascades

April 1, 2022

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Update: Public Hearing for this community is being held on May 11, 2022 at 6 PM

Loudoun County Government Center, First Floor, Board Room

  • 1 Harrison Street, SE., Leesburg, VA 20177

*Update 4/2/2022 –

I just wanted to clarify that these ‘condo’ style homes will be considered townhomes with fee simple ownership (the buyer will own the property and the land beneath).  With fee simple ownership, there won’t be condo fees but this community will have an HOA. 

Two Development Applications for Cascades

Did you know that there are two new Cascades area developments going through the application process with Loudoun County?  We’ve all heard the rumors about changes coming with the Cascades Markeplace, but there is another developer looking to build a new community adjacent to the Cascades Marketplace. This community, called The Villas at Cascades would be in the area of the old Logan’s Roadhouse.

Last night, I attended a meeting at the Cascades library with our Supervisor Juli Briskman and the developer that is  working on a plan for this smaller condo community in Cascades.  This developer has been going through the application approval process for a few years already and is further along in the process than the Cascades Marketplace project.

The Villas At Cascades Community

The Villas at Cascades would include 173 stacked,  two-over-two condominiums. The overall design and amenities are very similar to the new the condo community (Sterling Meadow) that is being built where the Regal Cinema was in Countryside.

The Villas At Cascades plan includes two acres of green space with two tot-lots, a community garden, pickle ball courts, a grilling area and bike racks.

The condos themselves will range in size from 1,400 – 2,400 square feet.

Is This A Good Idea?

Do we need more housing in Loudoun? We absolutely do! But I just don’t think we need another community of condos. Why not make this a new community of townhomes with yards?  I understand that this will mean less homes and less profit for the developer, but condos aren’t the only type of housing we need.

Also, why not combine these two projects for a more cohesive design and better use of the location? I feel like they are just trying to squeeze in this community and then it won’t flow well with the new Cascades Markeplace plans. But Supervisor Briskman said she did try this but that the project timelines are too far apart but the two developers did meet and they are going to work together on design.

Traffic and Schools

The very valid concerns about schools and traffic apply here.  I wrote a piece on this here: Sterling Meadow.  However, I do want to mention that I am in support of the Sterling Meadow community plan. Selfishly, I am excited about new life coming to the Countryside shopping center in terms of restaurants and retail.  The entire shopping center needs a facelift and better options.  But, knowing that the these two other communities are in the works, I think we are going to be in condo overload.  

The inventory of homes across the country is very low and very much so here in Loudoun County. We need single family homes, town houses and condos to meet the demand. But, if all we can build are condo communities our existing  infrastructure won’t be able to handle it.

There will be having a public meeting with the Board of Supervisors and I will provide that information as soon as I have the details. But now is the time to start voicing your concerns with our Board of Supervisors for both of these new communities. And especially for the Cascades Marketplace plans before they get too far along in their application/proposal.