A House vs. A Home

October 14, 2021

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The Emotional Side of Selling

There are so many emotions that come with selling a home. But once you put a home on the market, it becomes a PRODUCT and you have to view it through the eyes of a buyer. (This is tough, I know).

So, when your agent is giving you advice on how to enhance your “product” in order to attract amazing offers, be sure to listen. They have your best interest at heart. ❤️Agents are out there every day getting feedback from buyers on what they are looking for in a home and we like to share that information with you to help you sell quickly and for the best price possible.

Lately, I have had lots of sellers say that they didn’t want to make any changes and that the new buyer could do what they wanted.  However, I say that 95% of buyers want a move in ready home and are willing to pay top dollar for it, and that they don’t want to move into a home that requires a project.

You don’t have to remodel your entire house, but new carpet and fresh paint can go a very long way.  It will also show the buyer that you took great care of the home and that will give them peace of mind that they are making a good investment.