Not a Salesperson

November 18, 2016


33471983 - young attractive and modern couple in love smiling happy together sitting on floor thinking and imaging their new house, home, flat or apartment in real state conceptI love working with buyers.  The excitement and anticipation of finding a new home is something I get caught up in with each and everyone one of my clients. Believe it or not, it is just as exciting for me as it is for my buyers.  And it is not because of the commission check–I become invested in my clients and want the very best outcome for you.  Which is why I view my role as a consultant, not a salesperson.

When I take my clients around looking at homes, I am not trying to “sell you a house”. I am helping find you the house that you want to call home.  I will not push, pressure or convince you into buying just any home.  I will point out the pros and cons as I see them because is my duty to make sure you are making an informed and well thought out decision.

I will listen to your feedback.  I will be patient and understanding.  I will be available and responsive.  I will answer your questions and provide as much support as you need. I will walk you through the entire process so that you know what is happening and what to expect. I will show you as many homes as it takes until you are comfortable and ready. So this is why I don’t consider myself a salesperson, and I really am looking out for your best interest.

I take great pride in the work that I do for my clients. I provide exceptional service from start to finish—even after you move into your new home. I treat all of my clients, prospects and colleagues like gold, because I truly believe in building relationships to build a strong business. Here are what some of my most recent clients have had to say: