How Much Home Should You Buy?

January 3, 2017

You were just pre-approved for $420,000 for a mortgage.  Does that mean you should spend $420,000 on a new 45169096 - kitchen with range, sink, and hardwood floors in new luxury home home?  I say absolutely not.  Everyone knows that there are lots of expenses that come with owning a home and being “house poor” is no way to live.  Of course you will have to pay for electricity, heat, water, food, replace broken appliances, and so on. But don’t you also want to go on vacation, buy new clothes or a new car every so often? And what about buying gifts for friends and family, giving to charity or going out to dinner? Homeowners deserve to have some fun too.

So, when you are talking about your dream home, make sure you list out the MUST HAVES and the NICE TO HAVES.  You will have to make some concessions along the way but make sure you are clear on what you really can’t live without. Then start looking at homes that are below your approval amount to see what options you have. You don’t want to be stretched 45168974 - beautiful living room with hardwood floors in new luxury homeso thin on your monthly mortgage payment that you are too stressed to relax in your new home.

Contact me with your wish list of things you want in your home and I can point you to neighborhoods that you can check out.  There is a home for everyone out there!