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Latest News

Moisture on Windows

You’re standing by your window admiring the view. Then you notice it. Moisture has built up around the edges of the glass. Should you worry?It all depends on the reason for the build up. Assuming you have traditional double-pane glass in your windows, there are a few things to look for ...

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Should I Wait for Mortgage Rates To Come Down?

Should I Wait for Mortgage Rates To Come Down Before I Move? If you’ve got a move on your mind, you may be wondering whether you should wait to sell until mortgage rates come down before you spring into action. Here’s some information that could help answer that question for you. In the housing market, there’s ...

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Should You Worry About Market Fluctuations?

You turn on the television and watch a news story about housing prices going down. Then you read an article about the housing market on the upswing again. It’s a little like being on a roller-coaster ride! Unfortunately, the ride isn’t much fun if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home. ...

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Overpricing Your House Can Cost You

Why Overpricing Your House Can Cost You If you’re trying to sell your house, you may be looking at this spring season as the sweet spot – and you’re not wrong. We’re still in a seller’s market because there are so few homes for sale right now. And historically, this is the time of year when more buyers move, and competition ...

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Finding the Perfect “Kid-Friendly” Neighborhood

Fast forward a few years and imagine that your kids have grown up. They’ve come back to the “old neighborhood” to reminisce. What will they remember? The playground where they hung out with their friends? The quiet cul-de-sac where they learned to ride their bikes? The park where they picnicked ...

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Buyer Agent Commission

Debunking Myths: The Invaluable Role of Real Estate Agents Recent headlines have led many to believe that real estate agents will now be working for free or close to it. Unfortunately, this is not the full story and what it means for the industry going forward. Contrary to popular belief, not all ...

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Commission Changes Part 3

As a seller, you have options when it comes to deciding how you want to market your home. With the pending changes coming, let's talk about the pros and cons regarding a seller offering buyer agent compensation. Benefits of Offering Buyer Agent Compensation Enhanced Visibility and Increased Showings Lead to Quicker Sales In ...

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Commission Changes Part 2

The day that the new broke on the headlines, I recorded this quick 2 min video explaining what these changes are and what it may mean.  However, nothing is finalized and changes won't be effective until later this summer. Of course the headlines are not quite accurate, and many details are ...

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Commission Changes Part 1

Recently, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reached a significant settlement in a commission lawsuit, raising questions and discussions within the real estate industry. Background: The lawsuit against NAR centered on allegations of anticompetitive practices related to buyer agent commissions. Critics argued that NAR's rules restricted competition and transparency, ultimately affecting consumers' ...

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